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More faux stamps from Boys Town, St. Joseph’s Indian School

I’m attempting to clear some things off my desk as we head into the weekend, and found three more business reply envelopes that I’ve been meaning to share with you.

The first is from the latest Boys Town mailing I received. The envelope bears four preprinted stamp-sized designs depicting various birds along with the words joy, hope, peace, and love.

Boys Town business reply envelope bearing four pre-printed stamp-sized designs picturing birds
Boys Town business reply envelope with faux bird stamp designs

The other two envelopes are both from St. Joseph’s Indian School. One of them has three copies of a stamp-sized Nativity image, while the other has three stamp-sized images picturing a dreamcatcher, a star, and a teepee. All are preprinted on the envelopes.

St. Joseph’s Indian School business reply envelope bearing three pre-printed stamp-sized Nativity designs
St. Joseph’s Indian School business reply envelope with stamp-sized Nativity designs
St. Joseph’s Indian School business reply envelope bearing three Native American-themed preprinted designs
St. Joseph’s Indian School business reply envelope with Native American designs

Although the latter three designs are not the boldest I’ve seen on BREs, I do like that the subjects are related to the organization that distributed them.

While I still receive plenty of nonprofit mailings containing plain old business reply envelopes, receiving more colorfully decorated items such as these in “junk mail” is a nice treat. Perhaps one of these days I’ll have a chance to properly organize them!

Purgatory Post marks Apollo 12’s 50th anniversary

Apollo 11 gets all the fame for putting the first men on the moon; Apollo 13, for returning its crew safely to earth despite near catastrophe. But Apollo 12? Not so much recognition, which Purgatory Post addressed earlier this month with a pair of stamps commemorating the second mission to put men on the moon.

The first of the 12-sola stamps pictures crew members Pete Conrad, Dick Gordon, and Alan Bean, plus their launch, while the second stamp reproduces the Apollo 12 mission patch and features a photo of Bean stepping down from the lunar lander.

Pair of 12-sola Purgatory Post Apollo 12 stamps picturing crew, spacecraft, Alan Beach, and mission patch
Purgatory Post Apollo 12 stamps

Purgatory Post is commemorating the 50th anniversary of each of the United States’ space missions, so we can expect the next stamps in the series commemorating Apollo 13 in April 2020.

Principality of Thanatos stamps picture Guard, cats

I wrote a little more than a year ago about receiving a “registered” cover from the Principality of Thanatos, a micronation supposedly based on an island off the coast of Scotland. Recently, I received another mailing, this time containing copies of the Principality’s newest stamps.

One of the stamps, a £2.50 value, pictures the Thanatos Guard. According to documentation from the Principality, the 12-member Guard serves as the island’s police force in addition to fulfilling ceremonal duties such as escorting the prince’s horse-drawn carriage between settlements.

£2.50 Principality of Thanatos stamp picturing members of Thanatos Guard
Principality of Thanatos Thanatos Guard stamp

A completely unrelated set of 50p, £1, £1.50, and £4 stamps features various images of cats. According to a release from the Principality, five cats were recently acquired to help bring a rodent infestation under control; one might presume the new stamps picture those very same felines, but that was not specifically stated.

Principality of Thanatos stamps picturing cats
Principality of Thanatos cat stamps

Micronation stamps are similar to local post stamps, and depending on how they’re used could be categorized as local post stamps. Some material of this sort drifts right on over into pure fantasy territory, of course, but I think it’s interesting nonetheless.

Loon Island Lighthouse on Purgatory Post stamp

My family and I spent a couple of weeks away from home this month, and I’m still playing catch up on letters and emails. One of the pieces of mail that I received right before heading out of town was a note from Purgatory Post’s Scott Abbot, complete with copies of his newest stamp picturing the Loon Island Lighthouse.

4-sola Purgatory Post stamp picturing Loon Island Lighthouse
Purgatory Post Loon Island Lighthouse stamp

Scott writes that the Loon Island light, one of five functional lighthouses in New Hampshire, was built in the 1890s to aid steamboat traffic on Lake Sunapee. The original structure burned in 1960 after it was struck by lightning, but it was soon rebuilt.

If you follow Purgatory Post at all, you know there’s a new stamp or set of stamps released every month. I wish I could keep up with that kind of schedule for Philosateleian Post, but I do well to get two or three new designs done each year.

Boys Town holiday mailing features four stamp-sized designs

Boys Town has begun their holiday fundraising for the year, and the business reply envelope included in a packet that I received last week has four more preprinted “faux” stamp designs with Christmas themes.

The designs include a wreath and angel (faith), a child at a window (hope), two children in front of a mantel (love), and two children walking along a snowy path (believe).

Boys Town business reply envelope bearing four pre-printed stamp-sized designs
Boys Town business reply envelope with faux Christmas stamp designs

I think the images used for these particular designs are perhaps a bit busy for the size at which they were printed, but they are colorful and might catch the eye of an average recipient.

Update (2019-10-28)

Upon returning home from a couple of weeks out of town, I found a new Boys Town mailing in my post office box, and inside was another business reply envelope. This cover reuses three of the four preprinted designs from the previous BRE that I received in September, but they are carefully aligned instead of slightly rotated as on the first envelope.

Boys Town business reply envelope bearing three pre-printed stamp-sized designs
Boys Town business reply envelope with faux Christmas stamp designs

This is the first time that I’ve seen Boys Town reuse any of their faux stamp designs. We’ll have to wait and see if it happens again.

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