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Privacy policy

Your e-mail address

Your e-mail address will never be sold, traded, or given to a third party. The editor reserves the right to publish portions of e-mail messages that you send to him, and may identify you by your first name and last initial but not by your full name or location.

The editor will never send unsolicited e-mail to you. For example, if you write asking for help identifying a stamp, you will not be subscribed to the Philosateleian Post Horn unless you also submit your e-mail address for that purpose.

If you subscribe to the Philosateleian Post Horn, the personal information you submit will be stored by MailChimp, and the editor will have access to that information as well as reports identifying your IP address, which messages you open, and which links you click. See the MailChimp Privacy Policy for more information.

Information recorded

Certain other information is collected in server logs when you access this website. The editor will not use this information to personally identify you or your browsing habits.

Other sites

Other websites linked on this site may have their own privacy policies. You are subject to those policies when you leave this site.

Published 2018-06-16