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Bat’s Private Post postal card features image of Hermes

I made mention in July of a set of four Bat’s Private Post stamps picturing Hermes, all of which were issued July 18.

Last week, I received a postal card from Bat’s Private Post’s operator, Scott Z., which bears a 56¢ imprint of Hermes near the lower left corner of the message side of the card.

56¢ Bat’s Private Post Hermes postal card
56¢ Bat’s Private Post Hermes postal card

I’m not sure whether this item was issued on the same date as the aforementioned stamps or whether it had a different issue date, but it’s an interesting piece of postal stationery, something that’s not especially common in the local post world.

United Nations stamp honors tai chi

Finally, here’s the last of the highlights from last week’s check of the mail: a first day cover bearing one of the Body, Mind, Soul stamps issued by the United Nations on August 26.

This envelope was prepared and mailed by longtime reader Kenneth M.

66¢ United Nations Body, Mind, Soul stamp on first day cover
66¢ United Nations Body, Mind, Soul first day cover

According to the United Nations Postal Administration, the stamp depicts an individual practicing taijiquan, which is better known as tai chi to those of us in the western world.

Purgatory Post commemorates Skylab 3 mission

Purgatory Post on August 30 issued the latest in its series of stamps celebrating the 50th anniversaries of various United States space missions. The pair of 3-sola stamps commemorate the 50th anniversary of Skylab 3; that mission lasted from July 28 until September 25, 1973.

One of the stamps pictures astronauts Owen Garriott, Jack Lousma, and Alan Bean along with the launch of their spacecraft. The other stamp pictures the Skylab station along with the Skylab III mission patch.

Pair of 3-sola Purgatory Post stamps picturing Skylab 3 crew and launch vehicle, Skylab station, and Skylab III mission patch
Purgatory Post 3-sola Skylab 3 stamps

You may notice the Skylab patch reads “Skylab II” rather than “Skylab III.” According to an insert included with the cover in which these stamps were mailed to me, “Miscommunication about the numbering system resulted in the mission badge reading ‘Skylab II.’” You would think we could at least number things correctly in the space age, but apparently not.

Skylab 3’s crew returned to earth after spending 59 consecutive days in space, which set a record at that time.

Mick’s Local Post issues stamp commemorating Rheinhart Kleiner

In March of this year, I shared the first stamp released by Mick’s Local Post of Portland, Oregon. Last week, I received a cover bearing a copy of Mick’s second local post stamp, a nondenominated design picturing the poet Rheinhart Kleiner (1893–1949).

Mick’s Local Post Rheinhart Kleiner stamp on cover
Mick’s Local Post Rheinhart Kleiner stamp on cover

Kleiner is best known as a friend and correspondent of the writer H.P. Lovecraft, but Mick’s Local Post’s operator notes the longtime Brooklyn resident is also worthy of recognition for the “light, cheerful verse” in which he specialized.

Local post stamps are the perfect medium for this sort of subject matter: someone worthy of recognition, but not necessarily reaching the same heights of fame as those who garner “official” commemorative stamps, and of particular appeal to the issuer of the stamp.

Fall 2023 update for The Philosateleian

It’s time once again to update our United States stamp albums, and I’m pleased to announce that the Fall 2023 Supplement (150 KB, 2 files, 7 pages) for The Philosateleian U.S. Stamp Album is available to download and print as of this morning.

This update includes spaces for all United States postage stamps issued since early June—I haven’t seen used copies of any of these just yet, but some must be out there—as well as this year’s federal hunting permit or “duck” stamp.

As always, I want to thank those who have supported my project over the years—and you for using my pages. Enjoy!

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