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Mick’s Local Post issues its first local post stamp

There’s a new local post operating on the West Coast of the United States! Mick’s Local Post out of Portland, Oregon, recently released its very first stamp, a non-denominated issue captioned “Kirsten in KwaZulu-Natal, 2009.”

Mick’s Local Post Kirsten in KwaZulu-Natal stamp
Mick’s Local Post Kirsten in KwaZulu-Natal stamp

The proprietor, Mick T., writes that the stamp pictures his late wife, Kirsten. I think this is a lovely tribute, and a very appropriate subject for his first local post stamp.

Mike plans to issue more stamps in the future, and I’ll be looking forward to getting to share them here. Welcome to the local posting community, Mick!

Published 2023-03-14


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