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Mick’s Local Post issues stamp commemorating Rheinhart Kleiner

In March of this year, I shared the first stamp released by Mick’s Local Post of Portland, Oregon. Last week, I received a cover bearing a copy of Mick’s second local post stamp, a nondenominated design picturing the poet Rheinhart Kleiner (1893–1949).

Mick’s Local Post Rheinhart Kleiner stamp on cover
Mick’s Local Post Rheinhart Kleiner stamp on cover

Kleiner is best known as a friend and correspondent of the writer H.P. Lovecraft, but Mick’s Local Post’s operator notes the longtime Brooklyn resident is also worthy of recognition for the “light, cheerful verse” in which he specialized.

Local post stamps are the perfect medium for this sort of subject matter: someone worthy of recognition, but not necessarily reaching the same heights of fame as those who garner “official” commemorative stamps, and of particular appeal to the issuer of the stamp.

Published 2023-09-10


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