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Philosateleian Post announces 2011 stamp program

Philosateleian Post is pleased to announce its 2011 stamp program. Three new designs are planned for the coming year.

Airmail Centennial

For the first time, Philosateleian Post will participate in World Local Post Day, which takes place each year on the last Monday of January. A stamp honoring the 100th anniversary of airmail will be issued on January 31.

Airmail Centennial local post stamp
Airmail Centennial

Featuring a red, white, and blue background reminiscent of the airmail labels of yore, the stamp depicts a biplane built of LEGO bricks. Philosateleian Post’s proprietor and his wife designed and built the model.

Guadalupe River

As part of its ongoing commitment to commemorating scenic landscapes around the world, Philosateleian Post will on June 1 issue a stamp picturing sunset over the Guadalupe River in Texas.

Guadalupe River local post stamp
Guadalupe River

The river, which runs some 230 miles from its source in Kerr County to the Gulf of Mexico, is popular for fishing, tubing, and canoeing.

Sarah & Kevin’s Wedding

Philosateleian Post’s final stamp of 2011 will be issued to commemorate the first anniversary of the proprietor and his wife. The stamp will be issued on September 19.

Sarah & Kevin's Wedding local post stamp
Sarah & Kevin’s Wedding

This stamp will be Philosateleian Post’s first to picture an identifiable person.

Philatelic Services

Collectors who wish to obtain first day cover service for any of Philosateleian Post’s 2011 stamps should mail their request and a self-addressed stamped envelope or postcard to the proprietor before the requested stamp’s date of issue. Individuals may also request mint singles for their collections.

There is no charge for service on up to three first day covers per issue or for a single mint copy of any new issue. Individuals requiring multiples or larger quantities of first day covers or singles should contact Philosateleian Post for details.

First day cover service and mint single requests may be mailed to:

Kevin Blackston
Philosateleian Post
PO Box 57622
Jacksonville FL 32241-7622
United States of America

Sarah and Shirley

I recently married my beautiful bride, Sarah, and with our official honeymoon over we’re getting settled in and getting back to work. That hasn’t left much time for stamps, but I did pick up some older landscape postcards during our travels that I’ll try to share with you this weekend.

I want to offer many thanks to Shirley C. for a very generous donation to help keep Philosateleia online and ad-free. Shirley’s the latest collector to offer financial support the work we’re doing here, and I’m deeply grateful for the assistance.