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Inverted Spider-Man returns

Back in April, I shared a post about one messed-up APC label picturing Spider-Man. In that case, the machine was apparently not properly reprogrammed after the Spider-Man paper was loaded, which resulted in an apparent “invert” with the then-current USPS design on it.

John Ryskamp writes that he recently ran across a machine that had been reprogrammed, but where the paper was still loaded incorrectly. That gave rise to this label with bar code and insignia appropriate for the preprinted Spider-Man paper, but as with the April label, Spider-Man is upside down.

Spider-Man APC error label
Spider-Man APC error label

My thanks to John for sharing this scan. Do you know of any other Spider-Man label varieties? Let us know!

Penny Black the theme for World Local Post Day 2015

The Local Post Collectors Society recently announced that the 175th anniversary of the Penny Black—the world’s first stamp—will be the focus of World Local Post Day 2015.

World Local Post Day, which takes place next year on January 26, is an annual event for which private local post operators such as myself issue special commemorative stamps. Philosateleian Post will issue a stamp marking the Penny Black’s anniversary, the design of which will be announced at a future date.

If you produce your own labels or local post stamps, consider joining in the fun!

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