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Blog archives (November 2014)

Month of December brings FLOREX in Florida

As we enter the final month of the year, it’s almost time for FLOREX 2014! The show sponsored by the Florida Stamp Dealers’s Association is once again being held in Orlando, Florida, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds’ Main Exhibit Hall. The show runs December 5–7.

According to a promotional piece I received in the mail, FLOREX 2014 will feature 180 frames of exhibits and booths for approximately 50 dealers.

Once again, I will unfortunately not be able to attend since paying for baby formula and health insurance currently takes precedence over purchasing new material for my stamp collection. Nevertheless, it sounds like a grand time, and I hope you enjoy it if you get the chance to go.

Goodies from the post office box

On my way home from work this evening, I stopped by the post office and found a couple of nice items awaiting me!

The first item, which is from Bob F., is a cover bearing a “Babe Ruth Local Post” cinderella. This has loads of topical appeal, especially considering the presence on the cover of the U.S. stamp picturing the baseball legend.

Cover bearing Babe Ruth Local Post stamp
Babe Ruth Local Post cover

The second piece of mail that I received is even cooler. Reader Linda W. sent this lovely piece of mail art picturing a couple of babies to congratulate my wife and me on the birth of little Hadassah earlier this fall.

Mail art cover with illustrations of babies
Baby mail art cover

Thanks to both Bob and Linda for their mailings!

APS fraud alert

Just a quick entry this evening to let you know about a stamp-related scam. According to an alert distributed today by the American Philatelic Society, someone claiming to be or be connected to former APS president John Hotchner is ripping off individuals by asking for a “deposit” in exchange for helping them sell their collections. Once the crook or crooks have the cash, they disappear, leaving the hapless victim with less money and a collection that’s still not sold.

According to the APS, Mr. Hotchner is not involved in the scheme, and doesn’t even buy or sell collections on a professional basis. The organization is asking anyone who has been contacted by the perpetrator or perpetrators to report it by calling (814) 933-3812.

I’m always amazed at the lengths some people will go to to take advantage of someone else. If they were to put their energy and creativity toward legitimate ventures instead of this sort of thing, they could no doubt be very successful.

Antique perforator for sale in Illinois

I don’t blog about every single stamp perforator I see come on the market, but there’s a real beauty listed on eBay right now that I just have to mention.

The machine is located in Villa Grove, Illinois, and has to be picked up locally, but the starting bid was just $250. As of this writing, there is one bid on it.

I can’t tell from the photos, and the description doesn’t specify, which company (Rosback, Latham, etc.) manufactured the perforator. If it’s in as nice shape as it looks from the pictures, though, this could be a real bargain for an artistamp producer or local post operator in or near Illinois.

I’m still pursuing leads on available perforators, especially tabletop models. Know of one that's up for sale? Let me know so I can share with other readers.

Winter album update ready to roll

The final major update of the year for The Philosateleian U.S. Stamp Album is complete and ready to go live! I just finished placing stamps on my freshly-printed pages a little earlier this evening; the pages should be online and available for you to print early next month.

During my lunch break at work today, I saw a USPS delivery truck roll past the office. I wouldn’t usually think much of that, but today was a federal holiday, and a USPS holiday. Did someone have to deliver Priority Mail Express packages today, or what’s going on?

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