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APS fraud alert

Just a quick entry this evening to let you know about a stamp-related scam. According to an alert distributed today by the American Philatelic Society, someone claiming to be or be connected to former APS president John Hotchner is ripping off individuals by asking for a “deposit” in exchange for helping them sell their collections. Once the crook or crooks have the cash, they disappear, leaving the hapless victim with less money and a collection that’s still not sold.

According to the APS, Mr. Hotchner is not involved in the scheme, and doesn’t even buy or sell collections on a professional basis. The organization is asking anyone who has been contacted by the perpetrator or perpetrators to report it by calling (814) 933-3812.

I’m always amazed at the lengths some people will go to to take advantage of someone else. If they were to put their energy and creativity toward legitimate ventures instead of this sort of thing, they could no doubt be very successful.

Published 2014-11-17


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