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Purgatory Post commemorates former Bagley Bridge

It has been right at a year since Purgatory Post last released a covered bridge stamp, but a new 11-sola stamp picturing the Bagley Bridge that previously spanned New Hampshire’s Warner River was issued on August 3, 2020.

Purgatory Post 11-sola stamp picturing Bagley Bridge
Purgatory Post 11-sola Bagley Bridge stamp

Although most of the stamps in designer Scott A.’s series picture covered bridges that are still standing, Bagley Bridge, which was likely originally built in the 1830s, was dismantled in 1966. Scott tells me, however, that the bridge’s pieces were pulled out of storage in the early 21st century and reassembled as the Will Henry Stevens Covered Bridge outside an arts center in Highlands, North Carolina, where the bridge stands to this day.

The frames of Purgatory Post’s covered bridge stamps are, of course, inspired by the frames of the 1901 Pan-American Exposition stamps.

Published 2020-08-13


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