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1901 Pan-American Exposition

The 1901 World’s Fair, which was also known as the Pan-American Exposition, is probably best remembered as the site of President William McKinley’s assassination. Nevertheless, there is also a philatelic connection: a set of six stamps produced for the event.

Unlike earlier commemorative series produced by the United States which included stamps with face values as high as $5, the Pan-American Exposition issue contained no stamps with face values of more than 10¢. Each of the six stamps in the set featured a distinctive frame plus a vignette picturing some aspect of modern transporation, from the tried and true express train to the newfangled automobile.

Red & black 2-cent U.S. postage stamp picturing locomotive & train cars
Fast Express
Brown & black 4-cent U.S. postage stamp picturing automobile
Blue & black 5-cent U.S. postage stamp picturing bridge at Niagara Falls
Bridge at Niagara Falls
Magenta & black 8-cent U.S. postage stamp picturing canal locks at Sault de Ste. Marie
Canal Locks at Sault de Ste. Marie
Brown & black 10-cent U.S. postage stamp picturing ship
Fast Ocean Navigation


Published 2018-06-19