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Purgatory Post commemorates Melvin Bridge

Earlier today, I received a copy of Purgatory Post’s newest local post issue, a 3-sola stamp picturing New Hampshire’s Melvin Bridge. The covered bridge was built around 1860 and stood for over a century.

Purgatory Post 3-sola stamp picturing Melvin Bridge
Purgatory Post Melvin Bridge stamp

Although this is the latest of Scott Abbot’s covered bridge stamps, it actually fills a gap in between two previously issued Purgatory Post stamps. Scott tells me that the state’s official list includes only bridges that are still standing, and the Melvin Bridge was burned by arsonists in 1965, so it was not until he recently located an old book with a complete list that he knew which bridge was #3. A stamp for bridge #11, which was previously omitted for the same reason, should also be forthcoming at a future date.

As you may have noticed, the denomination of this stamp and others in the series match the bridge numbers, so in spite of being issued out of order, this stamp will be easy to insert into the correct position in the series.

Published 2019-08-08 Last updated 2019-08-11


Almach (2020-04-05 15:36):

Are your purgatory post covered bridge stamps for sale?

Kevin Blackston (2020-04-05 21:05):

Actually, Purgatory Post stamps are produced by a local post operator in New Hampshire. If you can send your mailing address to me via the contact form on this website, I’ll be happy to pass your information along to him.

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