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Navigators business reply envelope uses cinderella label

2024 has certainly gotten off to a busy start. It feels like every day has been full—and so, at least a couple of times, has my mailbox!

One of the more interesting pieces I’ve pulled from the “junk mail” arrived a couple of weeks ago in a mailing sent to my wife by the nonprofit Navigators. It’s a business reply envelope bearing a self-adhesive label with three roughly stamp-sized designs picturing snowflakes.

Navigators business reply envelope bearing label with three snowflake designs
Navigators business reply envelope bearing cinderella label
Label bearing three stamp-sized designs picturing snowflakes
Label picturing snowflakes

BREs with preprinted designs are fairly common these days, but I’ve seen only a handful with cinderella stamps or labels affixed. The first was enclosed in a Boys Town mailing in February 2019, while the most recent prior to the pictured Navigators envelope was a National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund envelope sent to me by a friend in September 2020.

Published 2024-02-06


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