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American Indian military payment certificate

Although I’ve long been fascinated with stamps, money has never held much appeal to me. I speak from a collecting standpoint, of course; I like having money, and I really like having a little bit extra that I can occasionally direct toward my philatelic pursuits, but collecting the cash itself? Not my thing.

I’ll make an exception, however, for the $10 American Indian military payment certificate used by United States service members in Vietnam during the early 1970s. My mother-in-law, knowing my love for the 14¢ American Indian stamp, purchased one of the MPCs for me earlier this year, and I have to admit that it is an absolutely gorgeous piece of paper.

Front of miliary payment certificate picturing American Indian
$10 American Indian military payment certificate

I’ve added the $10 MPC to my exhibit 14 Cents: the American Indian Stamp, and you can read more about it there.

Published 2016-12-20


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