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Military Payment Certificate

One of the more unusual items featuring Hollow Horn Bear’s portrait is not a stamp at all, but rather a military payment certificate, a type of currency formerly used by members of the United States military while serving in certain overseas locations.1 The attractive $10 note produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in 1969 was used in Vietnam from 1970–1973.2

Front of miliary payment certificate picturing American Indian
$10 American Indian military payment certificate
Reverse of military payment certificate picturing bald eagle in flight
$10 American Indian military payment certificate (reverse)

The front of the MPC, in addition to picturing Hollow Horn Bear, features a message limiting its use to “authorized personnel,” while the reverse depicts a bald eagle in flight near a coastal area.

The $10 Hollow Horn Bear certificate was part of Series 692, the last set of MPCs used by the Department of Defense.


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Published 2018-06-17