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A sweet 14¢ American Indian solo cover

I realize that I talk quite a bit about how scarce solo uses of the 14¢ American Indian stamp on cover really are, particularly those that are commercial in nature, yet here I am sharing another new addition to my collection: my third solo cover in the past three months.

This particular envelope was mailed from the National Sugar Refining Company of New Jersey, headquartered in New York City, to New Haven, Connecticut, in December 1923, just a few months after the American Indian stamp was issued.

Front of cover bearing 14-cent American Indian stamp
14¢ American Indian cover mailed from the National Sugar Refining Company of New Jersey

As I explain in my write-up about the cover, the 14¢ postage paid for two ounces at 2¢ per ounce, plus 10¢ for registration.

It has long seemed to me that of the various potential solo uses of the American Indian stamp, a double-weight registered cover would have been about the most common even though the 14¢ rate for such a cover was only in effect for the first couple of years of the stamp’s use, but it wasn’t until my last few acquisitions that I started seeing a definite trend to support that. Of the six apparent commercial solo uses of this stamp in my collection, three of them are double-weight registered envelopes.

Published 2021-01-07 Last updated 2021-01-17


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