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Blog archives (April 2024)

Como Park Post issues triangular 3¢ stamps

Less than two months have passed since the last time I wrote about new stamps from Como Park Post, but the Minnesota-based local post on March 28 issued a pair of new stamps.

The two triangular designs feature the wording “3 Cent Como Pk Post” and “Como Pk Post 3¢,” respectively.

Como Park Post 3¢ triangular stamps
Como Park Post 3¢ triangular stamps

The stamps are printed in pairs on light green paper. Como Park Post’s operator, Tom B., also provided me with some test prints on a dark green paper, but I think his ultimate color selection was the right way to go.

Purgatory Post issues Blow-Me-Down Bridge stamp

On March 22, Purgatory Post issued the latest in its long-running series of local post stamps picturing New Hampshire’s covered bridges. The 23-sola stamp pictures Blow-Me-Down Bridge, an 86-foot-long span across Blow-Me-Down Brook in Cornish, New Hampshire.

Purgatory Post 23-sola Blow-Me-Down Bridge stamp
Purgatory Post 23-sola Blow-Me-Down Bridge stamp

Blow-Me-Down Bridge was built in 1877 for a total cost of just under $530, and was used for nearly a century without needing any substantial repairs. The bridge was closed to traffic in 1974, however, and remained closed for several years until needed repairs were effected. Following a second closure for repairs at the end of the 20th century, the bridge reopened in 2002 and has been in regular use ever since.

As do other stamps in this series, Purgatory Post’s newest bridge stamp utilizes a frame from one of the United States Pan-American Exposition stamps issued in 1901. It gives the stamp a classic look.

Cal Farley’s uses faux stamp designs on another BRE

Over the past few years, I’ve received several mailings from Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch that have included business reply envelopes with preprinted stamp-sized designs. Another such item arrived in the mail last week, this one with four designs picturing flowers, a birdhouse, and boots.

Cal Farley’s business reply envelope with four preprinted stamp-sized designs featuring flowers, a birdhouse, and boots
Cal Farley’s business reply envelope with preprinted stamp-sized designs

The art style used in the designs appears similar to that used on other Cal Farley BREs I’ve received, but the colors all seem rather muted. Nevertheless, if the goal is simply to make the envelope kind of, sort of appear to have stamps affixed to it, it’s probably adequate.