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Purgatory Post marks 250th anniversary of Boston Port Act

New Hampshire-based Purgatory Post recently commemorated the 250th anniversary of the Boston Port Act, also known as the Trade Act of 1774, with the issuance of a 2-sola local post stamp. The stamp was released April 1.

The stamp, which has a blue frame reminiscent of the 1926 Sesquicentennial Exposition commemorative issued by the United States, includes an illustration of British warships in Boston Harbor as its vignette.

Purgatory Post 2-sola Boston Port Act stamp
Purgatory Post 2-sola Boston Port Act stamp

The British Parliament passed the Boston Port Act on March 31, 1774. The law, which went into effect June 1 of that year, enacted a blockade closing Boston Harbor to trade.

While the measure was intended to punish the people of Boston for the actions of the individuals who participated in the Boston Tea Party, it, along with the other four so-called Intolerable Acts, was one factor that helped unify the American colonies.

Published 2024-04-18


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