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Como Park Post issues new stamps, reprints official seal

On February 26, 2024, Como Park Post issued a set of three new local post stamps. The various designs featuring symmetrical vignettes have 1¢, 3¢, and 5¢ face values.

Como Park Post 1¢, 5¢, and 3¢ stamps
Como Park Post 1¢, 3¢, and 5¢ stamps

The 3¢ value is printed on a very thin paper. Each of the stamps appears to be printed in at least two colors.

Como Park Post operator Tom B. also sent along a sample of a new printing of an official seal that I first mentioned last April. This one appears to be in a maroon or burgundy color, and features a profile of George Washington.

Como Park Post official seal picturing George Washington
Como Park Post official seal

If you’re not familiar with this modern local post, Como Park Post has operated in the Saint Paul, Minnesota, area for years, and it’s good to see Tom is still producing new material.

Published 2024-03-14


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