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Blog archives (October 2023)

More BREs from JDRF, Helen Keller International

Just when I thought I was caught up on business reply envelopes, a couple more arrived that are worth mentioning here.

The first is a very much oversized BRE distributed in an October 2023 fundraising mailing from JDRF. This envelope has three identical preprinted stamp-sized images of a bluebird. Oddly, the border of the image is offset toward the lower right corner of the white block surrounding it. If these were real stamps, I’d call them poorly centered.

JDRF business reply envelope bearing three preprinted stamp-sized bluebird designs
JDRF business reply envelope with bluebird designs

The other BRE arrived in a mailing from Helen Keller International, and bears two different stamp-sized images based on photographs of Helen Keller herself.

Helen Keller International business reply envelope bearing two preprinted stamp-sized designs
Helen Keller International business reply envelope with stamp-sized designs

The basic designs were previously used on envelopes enclosed in mailings in July 2021 and July 2022; however, I have not seen the left image used with “Helen Keller” printed on it, and the copy of the right image that was previously used had either no wording or had “Helen Keller” printed on two separate lines instead of on a single line.

Navigators, Operation Smile distribute new BREs

After spending a week and a half away from home, my family and I have been back in Texas for over a week. It’s amazing how quickly chores and other responsibilities pile up; I’ve been working my way through my lengthy to-do list, but getting back to blogging has taken some time.

Anyway, it is time to review some recently-received material. For this post, I’m going to focus on a couple of business reply envelopes that have arrived within the past month or so.

First is an oversized blue business reply envelope distributed in a mailing from Navigators. The envelope bears three preprinted copies of an image of an acorn and leaves. The middle of the three has a much lighter border than the other two.

Navigators business reply envelope bearing three preprinted stamp-sized acorn & leaves designs
Navigators business reply envelope with acorn & leaves designs

The other BRE in question was distributed by Operation Smile. It has three different preprinted stamp-sized designs picturing a dove, a Christmas tree, and the word “peace.”

Operation Smile business reply envelope bearing three preprinted stamp-sized designs picturing dove, Christmas tree, and word “peace”
Operation Smile business reply envelope with Christmas designs

The really interesting thing about this latter envelope is that each of the designs has a simulated die cut border, which makes them look like they’re stamps from a self-adhesive coil! I’ve seen quite a few BREs of this nature over the past few years, but the simulated coil stamp appearance is something new.

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