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Helen Keller featured on BRE’s simulated cinderellas

The latest addition to my accumulation of business reply envelopes bearing cinderellas or preprinted stamp-sized images arrived last week in a mailing from Helen Keller International. Besides the organization’s address and typical BRE markings, the envelope bears two black-and-white images with photographs of Helen Keller with simulated printed perforations or die cuts, one with Keller’s name and the other reading “Happy Birthday.”

Helen Keller International business reply envelope bearing two pre-printed stamp-sized images
Helen Keller International business reply envelope

As I’ve commented before, I think BREs with labels affixed are far more interesting from a philatelic standpoint. When it comes to envelopes with preprinted images, however, this is about the best I’ve seen. The subject matter is not just the usual flowers and birds, but an actual historical figure and the mailing organization’s eponym.

To the unknown designer who created this, well done.

Published 2021-07-04


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