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Republic of Texas fantasy stamps

The Republic of Texas existed only from 1836–46, becoming the 28th state in the United States of America a year before the USA issued its first postage stamps. Texas never had its own stamps, but it did have a functioning postal system that was established even before independence was formally declared.

Although the Republic of Texas did not produce postage stamps, Philosateleia’s editor imagined that an initial set of definitives might have looked like these. These cinderellas were produced in sheets of 14.

Republic of Texas star definitive fantasy stamps
Lone Star definitives

For the first anniversary of the Battle of Gonzales, the fledgling republic could have issued a set of stamps commemorating the Battle of Gonzales. The vignettes of these cinderellas reproduce the basic design of the “Come and Take It” flag used by Texan settlers.

Republic of Texas Battle of Gonzales fantasy stamps
Battle of Gonzales commemoratives

The denominations of these fantasy stamps are based on actual postage rates that were in effect during the early years of the Republic of Texas:1

6¼¢up to 20 miles
12½¢20–50 miles
18¾¢50–100 miles
25¢100–200 miles
37½¢200+ miles



  1. Newsom, W. L. The Postal System of the Republic of Texas. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. 20 No. 2, Oct. 1916. Accessed 31 Dec. 2018.

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