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United States of America

Republic of Texas fantasy stamps, set of five

Price: $2.49

The Republic of Texas never produced its own postage stamps—indeed, Texas became the 28th state in 1845, before the United States even issued its first stamps—but what if the independent republic had issued stamps? They might have looked something like these fantasy labels that I designed in 2015.

This set of five stamps includes five different denominations that match actual postage rates in the early days of the Republic of Texas.

6¼¢up to 20 miles
12½¢20–50 miles
18¾¢50–100 miles
25¢100–200 miles
37½¢200+ miles

The stamps are perforated and dry gummed, so although they do not actually pay postage, you can use them to decorate your outgoing mail if you like.

(Images are representative only. The item you will receive may differ slightly in centering and, if used, may have a different cancellation, but will be in the described condition.)

Product code: ZZ0000000200NL1