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Yellow roses on new Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch BRE

Last October, I blogged about a business reply envelope that I received in a mailing from Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. This week, I received another from the same organization.

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch business reply envelope with pre-printed stamp-sized images of yellow roses in a vase
Cal Farley’s business reply envelope

This yellow envelope has four pre-printed stamp-sized images of yellow roses in a vase against a blue background. An unusual featue is the month and year printed near the lower left corner of the envelope; this self-documents when the envelope was distributed, whereas most business reply envelopes bear no indication of when they were distributed.

This BRE was enclosed in a rather large envelope, and as you can probably tell from the scan, it got a bit banged up in the mail with some vertical and diagonal wrinkles. Nevertheless, it’s another interesting piece.

Published 2021-07-24


Mick (2021-08-01 14:39):

Kevin, does the blog portion of this site have an RSS feed? I could swear that I had it in my RSS reader in the past, but am unable to add it now.

Kevin Blackston (2021-08-01 22:24):

Years ago, I did have an RSS feed, but that didn’t make the cut when I launched the current version of my website in 2018. I wonder if anyone else would be interested in having that as an option?

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