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Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch joins faux postage movement

I’m gradually getting caught up on things after time out of town, and wanted to share the latest interesting business reply envelope that I’ve received as part of a nonprofit mailing, this one from Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch.

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch business reply envelope with faux postage stamp designs
Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch business reply envelope

The holiday-themed designs picture a Christmas tree, a present with the word “Noel,” and a bird.

At only 7″×4⅛″, this is an unusually small business reply envelope, and the faux postage stamp designs on the front are smaller than one would expect real stamps to be, but it’s obvious that the mailer was trying to give the impression of stamps being present.

Although I’ve received numerous BREs from Boys Town, which is the first organization that I knew was using stamp-sized labels or preprinted designs, this envelope is the first of that sort that I’ve received from Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch.

Published 2020-10-18


Taylor3006 (2020-10-22 00:48):

I always loved labels and have a bunch of Boy's Town stuff and some other lessor known labels. There are wonderful album pages for Christmas & Easter Seals but nothing for Carl Farley. Heck I can not even find a definitive list of the labels they produced in order to make pages myself. It is a shame, you can get pages of them dirt cheap and they are wonderful collectables.

Kevin Blackston (2020-10-23 07:15):

There certainly are some wonderful cinderella items out there! It’s a pity that many of them are uncatalogued, but I suppose it gives us as individual collectors the opportunity to make many “discoveries,” and they are definitely nice additions to a collection.

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