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Rosback tabletop perforating machine for sale

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to purchase five different perforating machines. It started back in 2014 when I acquired a Franklin perforator. A little over a year later, I purchased my weathered but trusty Southworth perforator, which I still use to this day. In 2017, I bought and re-sold a Rosback tabletop model, and last year I purchased what I speculated might be the world’s smallest perforating machine.

I’m excited to announce today that I recently bought another antique Rosback tabletop pinhole perforator, and after dusting it off, I’m ready to find it a new home!

Rosback tabletop perforating machine
Rosback tabletop perforating machine

A quick summary

This machine, which I think probably dates to the 1930’s or so, comes complete with its original wooden table and metal alignment guides. The larger guide on the rear of the machine appears to be missing one nut and a bolt or two, but it’s a remarkably complete piece. With table, the perforator weighs in the neighborhood of 85 pounds, and it has a footprint of approximately 26″×20″.

The bad

There is some wear and tear. That’s probably to be expected with a piece of equipment that’s close to 90 years old, but let me provide details:

Rosback tabletop perforating machine with metal inserted between camshaft and head
Metal piece inserted between Rosback perforator camshaft and head
Rosback tabletop perforating machine with broken leg
Leg broken off Rosback tabletop perforator

Now, with those disclaimers out of the way, here’s the big question: does it perforate, and perforate cleanly? Why, yes it does!

The good

Despite its flaws, this perforator has a full set of pins, and following the aforementioned adjustment using small strips of metal, it perforates cleanly. This particular model, like the majority of tabletop perforators in existence, can perforate a line of holes approximately 10 inches long.

In short, even though there are a few flaws, this machine works.

Rosback tabletop perforating machine pins
Rosback tabletop perforating machine pins
Perforated sheet of paper on Rosback tabletop perforating machine
Perforated sheet of paper on Rosback tabletop perforating machine


I’m asking just $650 plus shipping for this machine. If you’re interested in it, send a message to me, and I’ll be happy to provide an estimate for shipping cost. In addition, if you have any specific questions, I’ll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

Update (2021-10-01): this machine has been sold. Thank you for your interest!

Published 2021-06-21 Last updated 2021-10-01


Akelley (2021-09-08 15:15):

Hello! Hope this finds you well :) I wanted to see if this rosback tabletop perforator is still available for sale?

If so, are you able to provide an estimate shipping cost to Port Orchard, WA 98367?

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kevin Blackston (2021-09-12 20:59):

Yes, the perforating machine is still available as of this writing. I’ve replied to the email that you sent.

Terry (2021-10-15 08:56):

Hi, I just found this site because I just bought this exact perforator on a whim, and was trying to figure out its uses. It is pretty cool, though I have zero use for it. I would love to talk to someone about it if you have a few minutes. Thanks, Terry McBrayer 870.405.7092

Padrino77 (2022-03-25 05:09):


I am interested in ROSBACK PERFORATOR

Kevin Blackston (2022-03-31 07:19):

As noted in the post, this perforator was sold last year, but thank you for your interest.

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