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Purgatory Post honors Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the subject of the newest stamps from New Hampshire-based Purgatory Post. The longest-serving monarch in the history of the United Kingdom died earlier this year, and on October 12, Purgatory Post issued its memorial issue in her honor.

One of the stamps based on a portrait by Pietro Annigoni pictures a “young” queen, while the other uses an official photograph of Queen Elizabeth II taken during the later years of her life. Between the two stamps is a label picturing a rainbow that appeared over Windsor Castle shortly after the Queen’s death on September 8.

Pair of Purgatory Post 2-sola stamps picturing Queen Elizabeth II separated by label depicting rainbow over Windsor Castle
Purgatory Post 2-sola Queen Elizabeth II stamps and label

The new stamps comprise Purgatory Post’s 250th issue, a remarkable run for a modern private local post. Both stamps and the label feature black frames, traditionally used to indicate mourning.

Interestingly, Purgatory Post is not the first United States private local post to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II. Bat’s Private Post in Beverly Hills, California, issued a stamp picturing the late Queen on the same day she died.

Published 2022-10-27


Emanuele Barletti (2023-03-21 06:12):

I'm the Curator of Pietro Annigoni's Museum in Florence Italy

This mini-sheet is great. How can I get it?

Thank You

Best Regards, Emanuele Barletti

Kevin Blackston (2023-03-21 20:22):

If you can forward your contact information to me using the Contact link at the bottom of the page, I’ll be happy to pass it along to Purgatory Post’s operator!

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