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Bat’s Private Post memorializes Queen Elizabeth II

For me—and probably for a lot of other people—Queen Elizabeth II was always the Queen of England. I know that history says otherwise, but she had been on the throne for over three decades before I was even born. No human lives forever, but it’s still strange to think that she is no longer the monarch.

Beverly Hills-based Bat’s Private Post was to the best of my knowledge the first stamp producer to release a Queen Elizabeth memorial stamp. Bat’s issued a 65¢ stamp picturing the Queen on September 8, the same day she died.

Bat’s Private Post Queen Elizabeth II memorial stamp on postcard
Bat’s Private Post Queen Elizabeth II stamp on postcard

A copy of the new stamp is tied to the postcard pictured above by a September 8 Bat’s Private Post postmark and a Los Angeles, California, machine cancellation dated September 9.

The 65¢ denomination covers Bat’s Private Post’s normal rate for a domestic letter for which Bat’s supplies United States postage. In the pictured usage, it overpays the normal Bat’s Private Post postcard rate of 49¢, but considering the quick turnaround required to prepare and release this stamp, unorthodox uses might almost be expected.

Published 2022-09-19


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