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Purgatory Post celebrates moon landing anniversary

Purgatory Post celebrated World Local Post Day just a few days late this year, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with an 11-sola February stamp issue. The denomination is a nod to the fact that it was the Apollo 11 mission that finally put human beings on the moon’s surface.

Purgatory Post 11-sola Man on the Moon local post stamp
Purgatory Post Man on the Moon stamp

“The design is pretty much the Life magazine cover from 1969 with added text and the denomination where the Life logo was,” writes Scott Abbot, who produces Purgatory Post stamps. The red certainly pops against the almost monochrome photograph of Buzz Aldrin in his spacesuit.

I understand from Scott that he plans a second moon landing issue closer to the actual moon landing anniversary date in July, but I’m glad he did one for World Local Post Day, too. My very own Philosateleian Post moon landing stamp is the only other WLPD issue of which I’m aware this year.

On a related note, the cover in which Scott mailed the stamp pictured here took more than two weeks to get from New Hampshire to my post office box. I’m not sure if the delay was related to winter weather or if something else was going on, but that seems like an unusually slow journey.

Published 2019-02-28


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