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Philosateleian Post commemorating first moon landing

In July 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first two men to set foot on the moon. In 2019, Philosateleian Post will celebrate the 50th anniversary of that historic event by issuing a commemorative local post stamp.

The new stamp from my San Antonio-based private local post reproduces a portion of Aldrin’s photograph of his bootprint, and is scheduled to be issued on January 28, 2019.

Philosateleian Post First Moon Landing stamp
50th Anniversary of the First Moon Landing

It may seem like I’m jumping the gun just a bit by issuing this stamp in January, but members of the Local Post Collectors Society of which I’m a part voted earlier this year to select the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing as the subject for World Local Post Day 2019, and World Local Post Day is always held in January, so there you have it.

Technical Specifications

Format: sheets of 48 (6×8). Design size: 28×28 mm. Separation method: perforated 12. Adhesive: water-activated dry gum. Printing method: inkjet.

Philatelic Services

To receive a mint single of Philosateleian Post’s First Moon Landing stamp, or for first day cover service, send either $2 or a self-addressed stamped envelope and your request to:

Kevin Blackston
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Published 2018-12-16


Pete (2019-02-28 09:00):

I am glad that somebody had the idea of issuing a semi-postage stamp for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo XI. I just recently requested to the USPS in Washington DC for a pictorial cancellation for the 50th anniversary. A friend of mine from Germany design a pictorial cancellation. I have a ten frame exhibit on the C-76 postage stamp, and I will exhibit it for the first time at SPRINPEX 2019 at Springfield, VA. on the end of March.

Kevin Blackston (2019-02-28 22:49):

The 50th anniversary of the first moon landing definitely seems like an event worth commemorating! I would be absolutely shocked if the United States Postal Service doesn’t announce something on the subject before the actual moon landing anniversary date in July.

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