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Purgatory Post celebrates 20th anniversary

New Hampshire-based Purgatory Post earlier this month celebrated its 20th anniversary of operation with the issuance of a single stamp picturing a small waterfall on Tucker Brook in Milford, New Hampshire. The 20-sola design was released on May 4.

20-sola Purgatory Post stamp picturing Tucker Brook in Milford, New Hampshire
Purgatory Post Tucker Brook stamp

This stamp will, of course, fit nicely into my landscapes collection. I just need to find the time to make a page for it so I can add it to my albums!

As indicated by the number inscribed at the bottom center of the stamp, this is Purgatory Post’s 233rd stamp issue. As a point of comparison, my own Philosateleian Post, which I started in 2004, has issued only 40 stamps during its history.

While there have been many private local posts operated in the United States since the middle of the twentieth century, few have been as long-lasting or prolific as Purgatory Post, and I extend hearty congratulations to operator Scott A. for keeping his operation going for two decades.

Published 2021-05-16


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