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Philosateleian Post mail volume declines, but still high

With 2022 in the record books, I’m taking a look back at the numbers for Philosateleian Post, and although mail volume was down from 2021, my local post stamps still carried a bunch of mail last year.

The total number of outgoing mailpieces carried by Philosateleian Post in 2022 was 481. That’s a decline of more than 8% from 2021; however, keep in mind that 2021 was a record-setting year for Philosateleian Post. In fact, last year’s numbers nearly equaled those recorded in 2019, making 2021 my third-busiest year of local posting.

Domestic letters and business mail made up 78% of Philosateleian Post’s mail volume, with international mail, postcards, and packages accounting for most of the rest. Truly “local” mail—envelopes that I hand-delivered rather than mailing via USPS—made up approximately 3% of the overall total.

As for why Philosateleian Post’s mail volume was down last year compared to 2021, I’m going to say that my family’s move had a significant impact. There were some late nights leading up to and in the weeks following that, and it took me a while to get back to normal correspondence, stamp and cover sales, and other activities that would have generated additional outgoing mail. We’ll see how things go in 2023!

Published 2023-01-03


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