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Philosateleian Post smashes single-year mail volume record

Taking one final look back at 2021, Philosateleian Post last year set a new record for mail volume, processing 524 pieces of outgoing mail and surpassing the previous record of 485 set in 2019. 13 pieces of mail carried by Philosateleian Post last year received local service only, while the remainder were transferred to the United States Postal Service for dispatch to their final destinations.

As in years past, non-letter business mail (bills, stamps and covers, etc.) comprised the majority of my household’s outgoing mail with more than 320 pieces sent, smashing that category’s previous record of 281 set in 2019. 30 postcards were processed, which was a new record for that category as well.

Also of note is that Philosateleian Post transported 15 packages last year, which is the highest number of parcels carried in a single calendar year since 2015.

Finally, the domestic letter category, which includes both personal cards and letters and those that I sent on behalf of the Local Post Collectors Society, added nearly 120 more pieces to the total. That was almost exactly the same total as in 2020, but fell short of 2019’s all-time high for the category.

And yes, I realize that tracking how many pieces of mail my family and I send is a little weird, but it’s kind of fun in a way, too!

Published 2022-01-05


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