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Orson Welles birth centennial celebrated by Purgatory Post

The man who directed one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time, and who (at least according to some accounts) through a radio broadcast sparked fears of an alien invasion, is the subject of the newest stamp from New Hampshire’s Purgatory Post.

Orson Welles may be best known for producing the film Citizen Kane, but he was also an actor, writer, and radio producer, creating a fictitious radio news broadcast based on H.G. Wells᾿ The War of the Worlds that was so realistic that some listeners allegedly thought Earth was actually being invaded by aliens.

Cover bearing a copy of Purgatory Post's Orson Welles stamp
Purgatory Post Orson Welles cover

Welles died in 1985. Had he still been living, he would have turned 100 years old earlier this month.

Published 2015-05-19


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