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Minnesota-based local post issues $1 Christmas stamp

The latest local post stamp issue of 2023 of which I’m aware comes from a local post of which I was not previously aware. It’s a $1 Christmas stamp picturing the Madonna and Child issued by Rocking Horse Farm Local Post of Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

The copies of this stamp I received arrived in a cover with a handwritten first day cover notation and a Saint Paul, Minnesota, machine cancellation dated December 28.

$1 Rocking Horse Farm Local Post Christmas 2023 stamp
Rocking Horse Farm Local Post Christmas 2023 stamp

Based on what I’ve been able to find online, Rocking Horse Farm appears to be a Saint Cloud knit shop and textile studio. I’m not sure exactly how that ties in with a local post, but I’m sending a request for additional information and will let you know if I learn more.

Published 2024-01-09


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