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Hollywood Sign featured on pair of California local post stamps

I thought the Rocking Horse Farm Local Post stamp I mentioned last week might have been the last local post stamp issued in 2023, but I recently received a new claimant to that throne. Two of them, actually: a pair of stamps from Bat’s Private Post celebrating the centennial of the famous Hollywood Sign. The stamps were issued December 29, 2023.

10¢ & 78¢ Bat’s Private Post Hollywood Sign stamps
Bat’s Private Post Hollywood Sign stamps

The Hollywood Sign was erected in December 1923 to publicize a real estate project known as Hollywoodland. Roughly a quarter century later, the “land” was lopped off the end to make the sign match the name of the nearby community of Hollywood.

Both stamps are die cut. The 10¢ value pays Bat’s Private Post’s fee to transport a letter to the United States Postal Service, while the 78¢ value pays for the Beverly Hills-based local post’s transport fee plus United States postage.

Published 2024-01-15


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