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Great Smoky Mountains National Park post card

I’m continuing to receive requests for Philosateleian Post’s upcoming National Park Service centennial stamp, which pictures a scene from Great Smoky Mountains National Park. One collector, Don M., included a little something extra with his request.

That something extra is a post card from the 1930s which depicts Mount Le Conte, the third highest peak in the park.

Post card depicting Mount Le Conte in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Mount Le Conte post card

Don notes that my new stamp and the post card have “a very similar view,” and although the scenes may not be identical, I think they do both illustrate what a pretty part of the country that area really is. Thank you, Don, for sharing!

Update (5/8/2016): reader Lew B. writes that this post card is a Curt Teich production, and notes that the code in the lower right corner of the card (9A-H2499) identifies the card as one that was produced in 1939. (“A” codes were used in the 1930s, “B” codes in the 1940s, and so forth.) My thanks to Lew for the additional information!

Published 2016-04-09


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