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Fourth example of registered 14¢ solo use added to collection

A few months had passed since I added anything to my 14¢ American Indian collection, but I recently had the opportunity to pick up another cover that fits right in. This envelope, which was mailed from Los Angeles to San Diego in October 1924, bears a single copy of the 14¢ stamp.

Front of cover bearing 14-cent American Indian stamp
14¢ American Indian cover mailed to the Union Trust Company of San Diego, California

This is a fine example of the 14¢ stamp paying postage on a registered two-ounce piece of mail. I’ve long suspected that rate, which was in effect from the stamp’s release in May 1923 until the middle of April 1925, should be the “easiest” solo use of the American Indian stamp, and my collection is finally beginning to show that. This is my fourth such usage!

I continue to look for other solo uses of this stamp. If you have anything you think might be of interest, please send me a note.

Published 2024-06-12


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