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Cinderella stamps win prize for best keepsake

I recently received a letter from Alan B. of Adanaland fame, and as usual he included a special surprise. This time, it was a souvenir sheet he produced for the British Printing Society’s annual convention.

Souvenir sheet containing one label and three cinderella stamps
BPS Convention 2016 souvenir sheet

The souvenir sheet includes a label picturing Bill Brace, the founder of the Amateur Printers’ Association, along with cinderella stamps picturing the logos of the APA, the International Small Printers’ Association, and the BPS.

Alan says that this latest production of his received a special prize denoting it as the best keepsake from this year’s convention. In my opinion, that’s quite an honor considering the other candidates for the award were not necessarily even stamp related—and an honor that’s well deserved considering the quality of Alan’s work.

Published 2016-05-31


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