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Bermagui Local Post issues bird stamps

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the March 1 launch of a new local post in New South Wales, Australia: Bermagui Local Post, operated by one Miro J. New local posts don’t pop up every day, so I’m always happy to welcome a new entrant in that quarter of our hobby.

On June 15, Bermagui Local Post issued its second set of stamps, a strip of three designs picturing birds. The stamps were issued in 20¢, 40¢, and 80¢ values.

Bermagui Local Post 20¢, 40¢, and 80¢ bird stamps
Bermagui Local Post bird stamps

The cancellations used on this postcard appear to be based on the design of the new 80¢ stamp.

I’m no ornithologist, so I can’t tell you what each of the birds pictured is. Perhaps one of my faithful readers can help us out?

Published 2022-07-19


MJ (2022-07-29 03:33):

Hey Kevin,

I’m no ornithologist either! But these birds ate common in Bermi. It’s a Pigeon, a Pink and Grey Galah, and a Masked Lapwing.


Kevin Blackston (2022-07-31 13:02):

Thanks for the info! We have plenty of pigeons and doves around here, but no lapwings or galahs.

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