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Adanaland minisheet includes diamond-shaped anniversary stamps

This past March, I shared pictures of a couple of cinderella stamps created by Alan B. of England. A note I recently received from him contained evidence that he has been busy again.

Adanaland minisheet containing four diamond-shaped stamps
Adanaland Anniversaries of 2015–16 minisheet

I commented previously that Alan does very nice letterpress printing, and these new diamond-shaped stamps are no exception. They commemorate four different events:

I know from operating my own perforating machine that getting perforations to line up just right is tricky enough, so I can only imagine how challenging it must have been to accomplish that on diamond-shaped stamps. Again, though, Alan has done a very nice job, and his work is the sort of thing I like to include in my collection.

Published 2015-11-21


Alan B (2015-11-29 16:24):

Thank you Kevin! The Perfect State of Flatby (there wasn't room on the stamp for that in full) is another of my philatelic kingdoms, based on Wivenhoe where I live. The boat is an old gaff-rigged sailing barge, such as can be seen on the river here. The design of this sheet was from the eastern territory of Adana-Tuva. You're right about the registration; each sheet went six times through the press and six times through the perforator, resulting in a certain amount of spoilage but of course I sent you a good one!

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