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Adanaland stamps impress with quality

A couple of weeks ago, I received a letter from a Mr. Alan B. of Essex, England. Alan began his letter by explaining explained that he is a member of the Letter Writers Alliance and a “stamp-fancier.” Seeing that we have some mutual interests, I read on.

In addition to his other pursuits, Alan enjoys letterpress printing and creating “stamps” for his Kingdom of Adanaland and related territories. He sent samples of his work, a few of which I wanted to share here.

3-pence Adanaland stamp picturing D.A. Aspinall
Adanaland stamp

It’s more than a little unusual to see cinderella revenue stamps:

3-pence Adanaland revenue stamp
Adanaland revenue stamp

And then there’s Alan’s Expanded Egyptian Territories, identified on this stamp as an Adanaland Protectorate. Note that the face value of this stamp is in picas; the pica, of course, is a unit of measurement used by printers.

2-picas Expanded Egyptian Territories stamp
Expanded Egyptian Territories stamp

Although Alan’s stamps are not necessarily as colorful as those created by some other stamp-issuing entities, the printing is incredibly sharp—a result, I suppose, of the printing method, and a testament to his skill at operating letterpress equipment. I’m impressed by what he has done, and look forward to seeing more of his work in the future!

Published 2015-03-17


Happy Day Mail (2015-03-19 19:40):

Fascinating! I so enjoy seeing any kind of cinderella stamps. It was a pleasure to read this post and of course, it's always fun to learn of another fellow member of Letter Writers Alliance.

Kevin Blackston (2015-03-20 06:47):

I like seeing cinderella stamps, too, especially when they’re done as well at Alan’s are. I wonder how many Letter Writers Alliance members make their own “stamps”; there’s obviously some overlap.

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