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14¢ American Indian solo usage on cover to Austria

Prior to December 2020, I had never seen an example of the 14¢ American Indian stamp used by itself to pay postage on a letter mailed to Europe. That month, however, I acquired an example mailed from Honolulu to Germany in 1935, and I’m excited to now have another example mailed from California to Austria, which by that point had been annexed by Nazi Germany, in 1938.

Front of cover bearing 14-cent American Indian stamp
14¢ American Indian cover mailed from Los Angeles, California, to Vienna, Austria, Germany

In the case of the earlier cover from 1935, 8¢ postage covered air mail within the United States plus surface transportation to Europe for a one-ounce letter, with the other 6¢ covering a 3¢ per half ounce surcharge for air mail service within Europe. This newer cover, however, is an example of 5¢ postage covering standard transportation for a one-ounce letter and 3¢ covering a surcharge for air mail service within the United States, with the remaining 6¢ once again covering the 3¢ per half ounce surcharge for air mail service within Europe.

In both cases, the amount of postage due was the same—14¢—but from a postal history perspective, my newest acquisition technically represents a different set of rates.

Published 2021-09-12


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