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Blog archives (January 2015)

2015 ASDA Florida Winter Stamp Show

A quick heads up for you here if you live in the Sunshine State. The American Stamp Dealers Association is holding its Florida Winter Stamp Show in Fort Lauderdale, February 13–15. I received a post card promoting the event this week.

Admission and parking are free. You can find out which dealers are attending by visiting the ASDA’s Florida Winter Stamp Show page.

A busy week without much to show off

It feels like this week has been especially busy—with work, with family, and yes, with stamps. Oddly enough, I don’t have much of anything to show off when it comes to the last of those.

I did prepare a few first day covers for Philosateleian Post’s upcoming Penny Black issue, and I have a few more of those to ready either Saturday night or Sunday.

I also went through a box of surplus covers and rounded up those that were too far gone to have philatelic value, and mailed them this evening to mail artist Linda W. Linda says she may be able to turn those old bits of paper into something worthwhile. I hope she’s right!

And that, dear reader, is about all I have for you for now. How was your philatelic week? Leave a comment below.

Let it Snow post card

When I stopped by the post office this evening, I found this post card from the Letter Writer Alliance’s Donovan Beeson in my box.

Post card enclosed in plastic wrapper
Post card with sparkly stuff in plastic wrapper

It doesn't show especially well in this scan, but Donovan used some sort of sparkly material to make it look like it “snowed” inside the plastic wrapper that contains the post card. A nice treat at the end of a busy work day!

Philosateleian Post sets new record

With the books finally closed on 2014, I can say with certainty that it was a record-setting year for Philosateleian Post! The Post carried just more than 400 pieces of mail last year, an increase of roughly 67% over 2013.

The jump in volume was nearly across the board. The only mail category in which I did not send more items in 2014 was packages. All other groupings (letters, business mail, international, etc.) saw marked increases.

My efforts to sell more excess material on eBay certainly contributed to the busy year, but I also wrote more real letters, something I hope to do again this year.

Do you have any big mail plans for 2015?