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Blog archives (August 2013)

What’s new with Philosateleia

“Real life” has been keeping me pretty busy recently, but here’s what’s new with Philosateleia:

  • All sites beginning with the letter “D” that are represented in my landscape stamps collection are now online. There’s still a long way to go, but I feel like I’m at least make a little bit of progress.
  • The September issue of the Philosateleian Post Horn is ready to go. If you’re signed up, you’ll receive it in your inbox next Sunday.
  • The fall supplement for The Philosateleian is also ready to go. If everything goes according to schedule, you’ll be able to download the new album pages over Labor Day weekend.

Jekyll Island, “Georgia’s Jewel,” getting local post stamp

On October 7, one of the prettiest and most peaceful spots along the Southeast’s Atlantic coast will get its very own local post stamp.

Philosateleian Post is issuing a stamp picturing a beach scene from Jekyll Island, Georgia—“Georgia’s Jewel.”

Philosateleian Post's Jekyll Island stamp
Jekyll Island stamp

Interested collectors are invited to request a free copy of the new stamp; see the press release for details.