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Blog archives (June 2013)

George Washington letter sells for nearly $1.5 million

It’s not often that the sale of an old letter makes the mainstream news. An exception was made for a letter sold last week, however.

According to reports, Christie’s sold the letter written by George Washington in 1788 for almost $1.5 million. In the letter, the first U.S. President explained to the addressee his support for the then unratified Constitution.

This news blurb was not stamp-related per se, and the only reason the sale was noted at all by a major media outlet was because of the letter’s connection to George Washington. Nevertheless, there is a philatelic tie-in in that there would be no stamps, and no stamp collecting, without letters.

Summer 2013 update for The Philosateleian

I have some great news this morning for users of The Philosateleian U.S. Stamp Album. The Summer 2013 Supplement (103 KB, 2 files, 8 pages) is now ready for you to download, print, and add to your stamp album!

This new supplement includes spaces for the newest United States postage stamps, and as always, it is absolutely free; all you need is a printer and a few pieces of paper. Download the supplement now, and happy collecting!