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Blog archives (September 2010)

Fall 2010 update for The Philosateleian

Summer officially lasts for another two weeks, but already there’s a hint of coolness in the air when I step out the door in the morning.

To help you get ready for the cold months ahead when you’re stuck indoors, the Fall 2010 Supplement (158 KB, 3 files, 7 pages) for The Philosateleian U.S. Stamp Album is now available. This is a small update, but it includes spaces for the U.S. stamps issued up to this point in the year.

There’s one more update left this year. 2011 marks the 5-year anniversary of the launch of The Philosateleian, so we’ll try to come up with something exciting to mark that milestone.

If you like the album pages, please don’t forget to show your support for the project. Happy collecting!

Guide to the 14¢ American Indian stamp

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the 14¢ American Indian stamp. It’s mentioned in the “About the author” sidebar on this blog, there’s an entire archive section dedicated to it, and an image of the stamp is, of course, used in the header of the website.

It is, therefore, with great excitement that I can finally announce the launch of 14 Cents: The American Indian Stamp.

This new section of Philosateleia will give you a brief intro to the stamp, show you examples from the United States, the Panama Canal Zone, and the Marshall Islands, and explore extra items that look like the stamp or are related to it.

The guide has been in the works for a long time, and by no means is it a finished product. Over time, I plan to add images of various covers and other material in my collection.

I welcome your comments and suggestions, and I hope you enjoy 14 Cents: The American Indian Stamp.