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Czyl’s Penny Post 1¢ Bird & Globe on cover with multiple USA stamps

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Czyl’s Penny Post 1¢ Bird & Globe local post stamp on cover mailed to Jacksonville, Florida. Bonfield, Illinois, postmark is dated May 10, 2005.

United States postage paid by US Scott 3468A 23¢ George Washington (die cut 11¼×11¾, dated 2001), Scott 3819 23¢ George Washington (die cut 11, dated 2003), and Scott 3903 37¢ Iris.

Two different 2005 Easter Seals are affixed over rear flap of cover. Front of cover has illustration of unicorn, and reverse has illustration of rabbit.

Cover has dents, bends, and discoloration.

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Product code: ZZCPP0000500UC0