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Cadillac Local Post 10¢ Lady McLeod stamp on first day cover

Price: $2.49

Cadillac Post first day cover bearing 10¢ local post stamp commemorating the 120th anniversary of the Lady McLeod stamp, which is now recognized as Trinidad’s first postage stamp. Cadillac Post stamp is tied to cover with Cadillac Local Post “Day of Issue” cancellation dated December 29, 1967.

United States postage was paid by single copy of Scott 1337 5¢ Mississippi, which is tied to cover by December 29 machine cancellation from Rio Grande, New Jersey. Reverse of cover bears tied copy of single Christmas seal (blue boxcar with wreath) from Scott WX228, plus a cinderella promoting the National Association of Retired Civil Employees.

Enclosed is a flyer advertising other Cadillac Post stamps.

Cover has damaged corners and other flaws.

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