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PO Box 217
Floresville TX 78114-0217
United States of America

USA Scott 3635 37¢ US Flag & Scott 3820 37¢ Christmas on certified cover

Price: $1.99

Certified Mail cover postmarked in Reynolds, Georgia, on December 13, 2004, and mailed to Taylor County Clerk of Court in Butler, Georgia.

Cover bears four copies of US Scott 3635 37¢ US Flag and eight copies of Scott 3820 37¢ Christmas for a total of $4.44 postage paid. This covers 37¢ first-class letter rate, $2.30 certified mail fee, and $1.75 return receipt fee, with a convenience overpayment of 2¢.

Cover is slit open at top and right.

Product code: US0000363500UC0